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The Sport Pilot License is your gateway to the freedom of flying, and it's absolutely incredible to do it in the vacation capital of the world, Orlando, Florida.  You can spot the attractions, and often the coast from your pilot seat as you learn the rules of the air.
Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft make training more budgetary and user friendly. With soaring fuel prices, exorbitant training costs, becoming an FAA licensed Sport Pilot will bring your aviation training to a new level in half the required flight time at half the cost

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Learning to fly is one of the most rewarding, exhillerating, and deliberate recreational training most of us will ever have the pleasure of participating in.  It's so exciting to strap in, complete your checklist, taxi out to the runway and push that thrust lever forward as we rocket into the wild blue yonder.  Learning to fly is also a no non-sense adventure where you are taught more or less how to avoid disaster while becoming an "ace pilot".  The FAA pilot training directives are very specific about flight training and like us has a goal of ultimately promoting aviation and safety at each of our airports, especially in the Orlando - Central Florida aviation communities.  Take a Discovery flight and see if flying is for you.

More about us...
This is a site dedicated to offering you the best possible information on Sport Pilot Training in the Orlando, Florida area.  Central Florida is the perfect environment for flying for Sport pilots and Private Pilots alike.  Flying is alot of fun, but the training process as well as the costs are often elusive to the new student pilot and can become very frustrating as they finish their training.  The professionals at Orlando Light Sport are ready and waiting to listen to your needs and discover with you the appropriate training programs in Central Florida that directly meet your trainin needs.  First you will receive an analysis of your training needs that details the estimation of time you might need for training, then we will walk you through the expectations of the pilot course that suits your needs.  In aviation most answers start with a simple " it depends" because just like flying, everyone learns at a different pace, and has different strengths and weaknesses.

So why Light Sport ?
Light Sport Aircraft are one of the greatest innovations in general aviation since Orville and Wilbur Wright first flew in Kittyhawk so many years ago.  The Light Sport Aircraft or SLSA  began it's debut when the FAA approved the manufacture of SLSA (Special Light Sport Aircraft) utilizing the ASTM standards for manufacturing.  Light Sport aircraft offer students, and licensed pilots incredibly economic and innovative options for their flights and flight training.  Light sport aircraft can be used for almost all of your flight training and recreation needs and desires.

Maximizing your
 Flight Training

The FAA has established very basic guidelines for each flight training program and that is the program that most flight schools offer in their advertised pricing.   There are many factors to consider as you begin your sport pilot or private pilot training, and cost should be the last factor considered, and value should be your primary focus as you begin your journey and your research.  To get the maximum value in safety and pilot training available it is usually best to set aside an hour or more to meet with a couple of flight schools in the area and discover the value of that flight schools programs and instructor expertise.  We also can help you avoid the pitfalls of flying with "time building'' instructors and help you discover how to maximize your training dollars if you are flying with one now.  Our goal is to transform Sport and Private Pilot aviation training into an incredibly fun, safe and exciting environment for you.
Jonathan Johns  ((CFI, CFII, MEI
One of Orlando's top Flight Instruction Experts discusses the advantages of Light Sport Aircraft in a short but brief video about the many advantages of Light Sport Aircraft

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